The Butterfly Hospice Big Bike Ride!
Sunday 22nd September 2019

From 9 Miles/15 KM to 66 Miles/106 KM - How far can YOU ride?!
For adults & children to enter... Choose from: 


BOSTON / LANGRICK / BOSTON        (Adults & Children)                               9 Miles/15 KM
LINCOLN / BOSTON     (no children under 12 & must supply bike club details )   33 Miles/53
BOSTON / LINCOLN / BOSTON        (Experienced adult cyclists only)               66 Miles/106 KM

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Disclaimer Notice
You are completing this form on behalf of all the participants you are entering The Butterfly Hospice Big Bike Ride
On signing this form you are stating that you have read and agree with the following disclaimer: 

• You are in good health and know of no medical reason why you may not participate in The Butterfly Hospice Trust ‘Big Bike Ride’.

• You understand that the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss, accident or injury caused by you entering or (if applicable) the named under 16 entering the ‘Big Bike Ride’.

• You are responsible for your own and (if applicable) the named under 16’s own safety and equipment.

• You agree to follow the direction and instructions of the organisers, Marshals and Police and follow the rules of the Highway Code and all relevant traffic laws. You agree to be responsible at all times for the named under 16. 

• You give your consent to photographs being taken during the event and for these to be used by The Butterfly Hospice Trust for promotion and publicity purposes.
Without the support of people like you, The Butterfly Hospice Trust would not be able to provide the services that our patients need. Thank you for your generosity.
If you are happy for us to keep in touch by email, please send an email to Natalie Bunce

Natalie Bunce - Events Co-Ordinator
Butterfly Hospice, Rowan Way, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 9DH
Contact: Charity Office: 01205 311222   ext: 13