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Free Will Writing Service

Life is unpredictable, yet many of us delay or overlook one of the most crucial decisions in our own lives: writing a will.

Surprisingly, studies indicate that around 50% of adults in the UK don't have a will in place. This oversight can lead to unintended consequences, with assets potentially not going to the loved ones we intended or causing unnecessary disputes among family members. A will is more than just a document; it's a clear expression of your wishes, ensuring that your assets are distributed as you desire and that your loved ones are cared for.

By taking the time to write a will, you're not only securing your legacy but also providing clarity and peace of mind for those you leave behind.

Writing a will can cost several hundreds of pounds, with the cost of an online will through Farewill being £100 if you were to do this outside of our charitable partnership. Make the most of our offer with a FREE will and secure your legacy today, if you feel like giving back, you can choose to donate online following the creation of your will.


Simply head over to our donate page and select the option 'FREE Will Donation'.

Our Partnership with Farewill

We're proud to collaborate with Farewill, a UK award winning will writing service and rated 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with over 14,000 reviews. To offer you FREE, seamless online and telephone will writing. This partnership ensures that you have the tools and guidance to craft a will that truly reflects your wishes, all from the comfort of your home.

Steps to Using our Free Will Writing Service

Online with Farewill

Simply head over to our Farewill portal and follow the user-friendly guide to draft your FREE will in under 30 minutes.


Telephone with Farewill

Prefer a voice to guide you? Schedule a call with one of Farewill's specialists who will walk you through each step, ensuring clarity and confidence.

Need Assistance?

Farewill's dedicated helpline is always available to assist you, ensuring you never feel lost in the process.

How Your Legacy Can Make a Difference – For You and our Charity

While there's no obligation to leave a gift in your will to The Butterfly Hospice Trust, doing so helps fund our important work long into the future, allowing us to develop our service and fund on-going projects benefitting our community. From supporting families in their time of need to ensuring that individuals receive compassionate care, every legacy gift, no matter its size, has the power to make a profound impact.

Not only does your gift help the Butterfly Hospice fund our vital work, but it also can greatly impact your own sense of fulfilment.

Emotional Fulfilment

Experience the warmth of knowing your decisions today can shape a brighter tomorrow for others.

Lasting Impact

Your will is a testament to your life's values and the causes you hold dear.

Peace of Mind

With Farewill, you're in trusted hands, ensuring your will is crafted with care and expertise.

Your life, your memories, your decisions deserve to be honoured. As you contemplate the legacies you wish to leave behind, remember that every choice has the power to shape futures. Whether it's for your loved ones or for a cause close to your heart, let your will be a testament to your journey.

Giving inspiration for tomorrow with an invaluable lasting legacy.

Not only are our partners over at Farewill extremely useful at helping create your will, but they are also extremely helpful in providing all the information you might need as well, take a look at some of their will writing guides below –​​

Free in-person Wills from Sills & Betteridge

Butterfly Hospice, in partnership with Sills & Betteridge LLP, offers a compassionate service to draft free Wills for those under hospice care, at home or in-hospice. This service, provided by experienced professionals, ensures peace of mind for patients and their families during palliative or end-of-life care. For assistance, contact Sills & Betteridge LLP at 01205 364615 or, reflecting Butterfly Hospice's commitment to support and dignity.
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