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A simple donation doesn’t always need to involve money, your time can be just as valuable to us here at The Butterfly Hospice Trust.

You can donate your time by volunteering in a number of roles across the charity, being varied and flexible, there is role for everyone.

There are no upper age limits to volunteering, however you must be aged 18+.

Within The Butterfly Hospice Trust, there are a variety of volunteering roles available for you to explore, these include –

What is volunteering and who are volunteers?

Volunteering is when someone spends their time, unpaid, providing a service to benefit others. Volunteering doesn’t always have to feel like work and be both formal within a work setting or informal by helping within the community.

A volunteer is someone who takes up a volunteering role in support of a charity or organisation. Everyone has the right to volunteer, however you must be aged 18+.

We rely on volunteers, and it is a great way to give back, make new friends, learn new skills or become ‘work ready’, all whilst making a real difference to your local community.

There are many reasons to become a volunteer and here are some of our favorites –

  • It’s good for your mental health, by doing something ‘good’ and ‘giving back’ you will gain a sense of purpose, giving you increased confidence and satisfaction.

  • Improve your employability; volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn and develop new skills which are transferable to both your day-to-day and work life.

  • You’ll gain real life experience, you might have all the knowledge, but why not ‘give back’ and get hands on and apply this in a setting which relies on volunteers just like you.

  • Find new friends and build meaningful connections, you’ll be alongside like-minded people all with the same goal as you.

  • Make a difference, your time and work will not only make a difference to The Butterfly Hospice Trust, but also to the wider community in which we support.

We are always on the lookout and happy to accept new volunteers, if you are able to spare sometime to be part of something amazing and contribute to a fantastic cause, get in touch on 01205 311222, email or complete our Volunteer Application Form.

Volunteers are not always individuals, but local businesses will often donate their staff time to volunteering, having an impact on the community in which we both serve.

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