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The Butterfly Hospice Trust

About Us

The Butterfly Hospice Trust 

When you or someone you care about is seriously ill, you want to know they’re getting the best possible care and treatment. We do too.

The Butterfly Hospice provides free 24-hour patient care to those who need it most. With our services providing for those who are aged 18+ and referred to us by a healthcare professional.

Set in beautifully landscaped grounds, the hospice offers a place of tranquility to those in need of respite, symptom control or end of life care, whilst providing full support to families including bereavement support and therapy.

Bridget MacPherson, CEO

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The Butterfly Hospice and our Charity Offices are situated in beautiful grounds, in the historic market town of Boston, where we have a proud history of heritage, which continues to the present day. Following an official ceremony by Princess Anne in 2011, we opened our hospice doors to enable ‘free’ palliative and end of life care for local Lincolnshire people. This was a truly remarkable achievement for our town’s people.

We are rightly proud of the charity’s achievements and how our hospice has made a difference to people in the poorest of health and their loved ones. At the root of this success, is in the commitment of the partnership between the charity, The Butterfly Hospice Trust and our clinical partners, Lincolnshire Community Health Service, Macmillan Nurses and The Sidings Medical Centre. Together our partnership has formed into a strong and appreciative relationship, where shared values and dedication to serve our communities is at the heart of all that we do - “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Thank you to our wonderful NHS colleagues for the astounding and tireless care given in the community and in our hospice.

With the continued support of all who have committed to our hospice, the wings of our beloved Butterfly Hospice will continue to wrap care around our people today, tomorrow and for the years ahead.

Thank you for your interest in the Butterfly Hospice and for visiting

our website.

Whether you are wanting more information about our hospice, the care given or how to make contact, we will support you to find what you need. Alternatively, you may have an interest in supporting our charity or checking out the latest news and events that our wonderful and committed staff team and volunteers are celebrating.

Our efforts, whether in the hospice or through our charitable work is about bringing light into the lives of those we support. Every day lived, is to be lived to the best. People matter to us – those who we care for, those who support us and those who work for us.

Core Values

In the SPIRIT of our philosophy of care we are committed to the following:

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