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Join our Unity lottery and be in with the chance to win the next £25,000 jackpot.

Every year, we support hundreds of families across Lincolnshire. With your support, we will be able to continue providing palliative and end-of-life care, free of charge to all who need it. 

For just £1 per week, you will be allocated a unique six-digit lottery number, for example – 325764, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase more than one lottery number to increase your chances of winning. Winners have to match 3, 4, 5, or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence.

The draw takes place every Friday with 50% of your £1 entry being donated back to the Butterfly Hospice Trust.


To win a prize you must match 3, 4, 5 or all 6 digits to win, winning numbers must be in the correct place within the sequence so for example if your lottery number is 325764 and the winning number is 329074, this would be a 3 number match as 3, 2 and 4 all match and are in the correct place within the sequence.

A match occurs if your digits are in the same place in the sequence as they are in the winning number.

The lucky winners are sent their prizes automatically, so if you win there is no need for you to claim.

Check this week's winning numbers to see if you are a winner.

You must be aged 16+ years old to play the lottery.

What are you chances?

Unity offers the best odds of any platform of its kind. Because it’s a number match game, the odds are fixed. This means that every lottery number has an equal chance of winning a prize.

  • 3 digit match = 1 in 69

  • 4 digit match = 1 in 823

  • 5 digit match = 1 in 18,518

  • 6 digit match = 1 in 1,000,000

You can find out more about the lottery game rules online. 


Unity is a common brand lottery jointly promoted by Sterling Management Centre Limited and individual society lotteries. Each Lottery operated under Unity is a separate licensed lottery, operated by and supporting that particular good cause. Unity is administered by Sterling Management Centre Limited, licensed and regulated in Great Britain by The Gambling Commission under account number 3137.

The promoter of this Unity Lottery is: The Butterfly Hospice Trust, Rowan Way, Boston, PE21 9DH. Registered under the Gambling Act 2005 with Boston Borough Council B784.

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Match 6 digits


+£2,500 for your chosen charity

Match 5 digits


Match 4 digits


Match 3 digits

5 Free Entries

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