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Fundraising Volunteers

Our Community Fundraising volunteers play a key role in supporting The Butterfly Hospice Trust’s fundraising campaigns and activities. The Community Fundraising volunteers act as brand ambassadors at the heart of the charity, raising awareness, representing and showcasing the charity at internal and external events.

This is a perfect opportunity for volunteers of all ages to develop key areas of business including customer service and events. Boosting your confidence, communication and team working skills, as well as developing a network of connections across the community. All of which will help boost your CV and make you stand out from the crowd!

Likewise, if you are wanting to give back to the charity and enjoy working at community events and meeting new people, volunteering would provide you with the chance to do just that. Whether it be working on a stall or representing the charity at one of our internally organised community fundraising events or being out in the community at an external event, your role would be vital in raising awareness and trust within the community in which we serve.

We also require can collectors, whose role it is to collect our charitable donation cans from supporting shops around the county. Similar to Community Fundraising Volunteers, you will be out and about representing the charity whilst collecting and delivering our donations to the charity office in Boston.

Volunteers are integral to the charity and ensures what we do can continue in the future.

If becoming a Community Fundraising Volunteer interests you get in touch on 01205 311222, email or complete our Volunteer Application Form.

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