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Environmental Sustainability Statement

The Butterfly Hospice Trust is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our work through a series of obligations and investments. We believe that by taking a combined approach to tackling climate change we can make a difference and lessen our impact on the environment for future generations.

Our Action Plan

As a charity we aspire to leave a lasting legacy of change, with environmental sustainability considered at all times.

We continually assess our overall environmental impact and set objectives in accordance with this.

We aim to:

  • Invest in renewable energies to lessen our carbon footprint, including solar power.

  • Minimise our waste through recycling initiatives and send zero waste to landfill

  • Reduce our overall energy use

  • Encourage all employees and visitors to commit to sustainability and help us to achieve our goals

  • Provide appropriate training to staff where required

  • We will manage our land in a sustainable manner, increasing biodiversity

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