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Celebrating 10 Years of The Butterfly Hospice Trust

Updated: Jan 26

In 2024, we at The Butterfly Hospice Trust are soaring high, celebrating a decade of compassionate care and community support. Our journey began in August 2014 when we opened our doors to our very first patients.

So much has changed during this decade of care, but what remains the same is the ambition and dedication of people, near and far, to make a difference to the lives of those we care for and support.

In recognition of this and to honour the past decade, we are making three pledges.

Pledge 1: Recognising Commitment

We will harness and celebrate the impact of the Charity since the turn of the millennium. A period of time which has brought about the concept of the hospice, borne out of the hearts and minds of local people who had the ambition and dedication to turn a dream into reality.

Pledge 2: Bringing Joy to All

To mark this milestone, we're organising a series of fundraising events and activities to develop a sense of joy and community spirit, as we express our gratitude for the support we've received over the years.

Pledge 3: Prioritising Wellbeing

Above all else, we are committed to ensuring that the wellbeing of all the people connected with us is at the forefront of all that we do. Every decision and every action we make strengthens our dedication to those who rely on The Butterfly Hospice.

As we embark on this renewed journey, we are deeply grateful for the relationships we've built with thousands of supporters, donors, and volunteers who have made the Butterfly Hospice Trust what it is today.

Together, we will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, tomorrow and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you give to us.

It is because you care that we can.

Bridget MacPherson

Chief Executive Officer


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