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From Sky to Ground: The Inspirational Lancaster Plane Pull in Memory of Lucy Panton!

Picture this: twenty women, side by side and behind them, the towering Just Jane Avro Lancaster, an iconic piece of history weighing 19-tonnes. Their objective? Pull the plane across 100 metres. The reason? Love, memories and support for the Butterfly Hospice Trust.

Avro Lancaster being pulled by a team for Lucys Lanc Pull

On a misty Saturday at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, the roar of an adoring crowd cheered on the team as they prepared for their challenge of pulling this Avro Lancaster Plane in memory, or as it was locally known, ‘Lucy’s Lanc Pull’. This wasn’t just any challenge; it was a heartfelt dedication to Lucy Panton. Lucy, whose final days were embraced with warmth and care at the Butterfly Hospice, was the wife of Harold Panton, co-founder of the aviation museum.

The effort was spearheaded by Lucy’s spirited daughter, Fran Noble, with the team consisting of a mix of family, hospice staff, and the museum’s own. “It was tough,” admitted Fran. But the determination and the spirit of unity shone brighter than the challenge they faced. They were not only successful in their pull but also exceeded their fundraising target, raising over £2,000 - double their initial aim.

But why go to such lengths? Fran’s words say it all, “I can’t speak highly enough of the Butterfly Hospice for how they treated Mum, but also how they were with us as a family.” The hospice, which has provided solace to countless families like Fran’s, continues to provide exceptional care during families' hardest of times.

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, a tribute to Bomber Command and brave souls like Christopher Witton Panton, who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII, was the perfect backdrop. It symbolised everything the challenge meant to all involved and drove the team to achieve their goals.

Be the wind beneath the wings of The Butterfly Hospice. Donate or fundraise today.

The Butterfly Hospice Trust isn’t just a place; it’s a community. It’s a promise of care, of love, and of moments cherished even in the sunset of life. Whether it’s through donations or your own unique fundraising activities, your support can ensure that many more can find comfort in their times of need. The challenge is set.

How will you make a difference?


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