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Looking back and planning ahead...

As we step into the new year, it's heartening to reflect on the incredible support we’ve had throughout 2023 for the Butterfly Hospice. The outcome of generosity from fundraising and companies has not only helped us to continue our mission but has developed many new relationships within our community.

A Year of Thanks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who rallied behind us in 2023. We were blessed with support from individuals young and old, groups, and companies both big and small, who took part in Sky Dives, Cake sales, Bike rides, Butterfly Releases, and Coffee Mornings, the list is endless. Their contributions have all made a significant impact on the lives of all those whom we care for at The Butterfly Hospice. The continued kindness and passion shown by our supporters inspire us to want to do even more in the coming year, our 10th year of providing End of Life Care to families across South Lincolnshire.

Looking ahead to 2024: Join us in our 10th Birthday celebrations.

As we embark on an exciting journey through 2024, we invite you, your family, friends, and workplaces to be part of something truly special- The Butterfly Hospices’ 10th birthday celebrations!

This important milestone represents a decade of providing comfort, care, and support to patients and their families 24 hours a day 7 days a week. and we would love it if you were able to join us as we celebrate our achievements, and also move forward as we look to the next 10 years of being The Local Hospice for Local people.

Get involved in a Fundraising Challenge

One of the ways you can contribute to our fundraising and make our 10th year even more special is by participating in a fundraising challenge. Whether it is s sponsored walk, a charity run, a skydive, a cake sale, or a creative event of your own design, your fundraising efforts will make a real difference, and help us to raise awareness and bring our community closer together.

How can you participate?

1.       Create your fundraiser: Set a date and plan your event, big or small, and let your creativity shine. Cake sales, Quiz Nights, or embrace the challenge and take part in a Sky Dive – and be part of our 10th Anniversary celebration.

2.       Donate and Support: If taking part or organising an event is not for you, why not consider making a donation,

 or supporting an existing fundraiser? Every form of support counts, and together we can all help to make a difference.

3.       Tell others of the work we do:  Use your voice, and social media platform to share information about our events and 10-year celebrations, The more people who know about us the greater the impact.

As we express our sincere thanks for all the support we received in 2023, let us look forward to the positive change to be created in 2024, as we continue these wonderful relationships and look forward to new ones.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate a decade of care at the Butterfly Hospice.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the last 10 years, here’s to a new year of kindness caring, compassion, community, and celebration!

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