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What ‘good’ WILL it do

What good will… a WILL…do for the Butterfly Hospice?

This is a question loaded with promise and for the Butterfly Hospice, the promise of receiving a Gift in a Will really is the gift that keeps on giving.


The significance of nearing our 10th year of opening our hospice is in itself a fabulous achievement for a small, and up and up-and-coming local charity. We look back, with fondness and gratitude to those people who have left gifts in their wills for our hospice to enable our work to continue in the community. It is so important that we continue to remember them, as their legacies live on through our service to people affected by a life-limiting, palliative diagnosis and those nearing the end of life. 

So, what good will leaving a gift in your will do?

I think for the Butterfly Hospice, we have to celebrate and dedicate what such generosity has brought to us. The significance of legacy-giving, particularly over the last couple of years, has enabled us to set up a new pre and post-bereavement therapy service – free of charge to those who need our care. This has meant that people can access the support needed when the challenges of life can almost seem too overwhelming. Receiving financial gifts in a Will has meant that the therapy service is sustainable for the next generation of people who require our help. It has helped build resilience, combat feelings of loneliness and isolation and work towards a greater sense of ‘well-being.’


Thinking about our own mortality - when this might happen - who we may leave behind, and what should or could we be remembered for, resonates with many of us, especially those of us who are thinking about making a Will or changing an existing Will.


The importance of providing for those you love and care for must always come first, but perhaps you may be in the fortunate position of giving that little bit extra to a charity or a cause of your choice.


So as we look towards the new year ahead so that our resolutions to pay goodness forward – you might consider the Butterfly Hospice as a worthy local cause.


The Charity has launched a new online and telephone Will-writing service, free of charge. We are very proud to offer this service and are confident that it will give you peace of mind as you shape your own legacy and vision for the future.


Kindest wishes to you all in the year ahead


Bridget MacPherson

Chief Executive Officer


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