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What happens to your donations ⭐️

When you make a donation, your items get unpacked and sorted by our wonderful team of volunteers.

Bric-a-Brac and household items get washed, priced and put straight out onto our shop floors. Those donations given to our Furniture Warehouse and Donation Centre on Hamilton Way, Boston are washed, sorted and packed before being distributed.

Any collectible items get valued by our Managers so we can generate a relevant price, as you wouldn’t want your Clarice Cliff being sold for £5 and ending up on “Flog it”.

All furniture donations are cleaned and delivered to our shops or go directly up for sale in our Furniture Warehouse.

The clothing that you donate gets sorted, hung, tagged, sized, steamed, priced and displayed on our shop floors. Bedding and curtains get measured before going out for sale.

Did you know we are one of the few charity Shops that are able to take working electrical items?

We have a small team of qualified volunteers who PAT test all donated electrical items, ensuring they are safe and ready to be sold in our stores.

It is with great pride that we can say the Butterfly Hospice is eco-conscious.

Any clothing, shoes or soft furnishings that are unsuitable for sale in our shops go to a textile recycling company, so even worn out clothes, bedding and shoes don’t go to waste.

If we have any metal that is unsuitable for the shops, we take it to the metal recycling. So next time your washing machine breaks down or your car goes bang please think of us as even your broken washing machine or car could help us raise funds!

None of the remaining waste material generated by our retail stores goes to landfill, all is recycled. We recycle clothing, shoes, mobile phones, metal, stamps and even used toner cartridges. Anything that can’t be recycled, goes to a Waste Transfer Station to be turned into electricity.

Can you image the number of dedicated volunteers it takes to sort our donations?

We never say no to volunteers to support our retail stores or warehouse. If you are able to spare a couple of hours a week and want to be part of something amazing, contributing to a fantastic cause, get in touch on 01205 311222 or email

We look forward to meeting you in one of our charity stores.


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